Welcome Vvisitors, Outlaw's Saloon



This saloon is owned and operated by Outlaw and his sister Miss Akira. It’s a home for 1% Outlaw Bikers, other Scooter Trash, and their friends....







 Good spirited beer drinking, and general Hell raising are the order of the day but common respect to all that enter is expected The pool table is good for more than playing pool so open scenes are welcome here and encouraged.


If people are in a scene, do not interrupt or join in unless invited. You need to know the difference between an Old Lady, house mouse, broad, and mama, before chatting up a female here, so use good manners and error on the safe side.

Rules Yyou must follow in The Saloon:


Yyou must be 18 years of age or older, by USA standards, to enter this Saloon.

Fighting, insults, belittling, or harassment towards others of any kind is NOT permitted.

This room does not cater to the BDSM, and Gorean lifestyles so leave your Master/slave role play, and silk scarves  at the door with your weapons.

Ask permission before private messaging. That means ASK, or get kicked to the alley.

 If nudity or adult language offends you, leave.

  There will be no CRAP or drama in this room.  Anyone starting any BS will be immediately removed. 

Troublemakers, no name scum bags, and lurkers will find themselves in the alley.

 Avis are welcome.  If you would rather not see them, use the disable image option. 

Avis will be a maximum height of 400 pixels.

Child porn, bestiality, scat, snuff, and Dolcett images are not permitted. 

All Sin City Chat Site rules and policies apply - be sure you review before entering.



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Now, come on in.  Have a cold beer, and if it’s your day change your luck.  


This room was born on June 5, 2014

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