Welcome to LaF Paradise Island

The spot where Friends, Family and Love join as Oone


There once was a home created by 3 strangers that became very close, and slowly with lots of talking and getting to know one another they became close like a tight little family. but then like a lot of things that happen in the on line world some became threatened by this close tight group so set their sights on trying to destroy them, but they held strong and true right till some RT issues cased them to have to split and go their separate ways. after Many Months one returned and met back up with onethat had been part of that original group and they formed a new group, a new family, a family that has slowly grown in size, and grown in ways that none ever thought possible, they have grown in a support system for one another, they named the new Ffamily LaF, which stands for their core beliefs of Love and Ffamily, the strongest power that ties them together always is their love for each Oother.


 With a flash of brilliant light a portal opens, and a travler steps out, as they look around they are suprised to see an islandparadise, beauty all around, they notice a pathleading into the forest with a welcome sign, inviting them to the manor. The travler follows the path to a massive clearing with an ancient and spanning manor. As they stepinto the clearing they suddenly feel a wave of refreshing air wash overthem as if to wash all their pains and troubles away leaving them refreshed and happy allowing them to start basking in the delights of this mystical paradise of the Mystical and fabled "LaF Family".




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