As the waves crash on the rocky shore...the booming thunder

fills the night air and flashing lightning highlights

the dark and foreboding Castle...

The scent of flesh and fresh blood

filling the night you trust yourself to enter?


First and foremost, by entering this room, be prewarned -

you may become food...



This is a theme/adult chat site and may contain adult images, sexual topics, and language. This is not a kill zone room. You MUST be 18 or older to enter. If you are not at least 18 years of age, we request that you visit another site. By clicking the entrance link, you declare that you are at least 18. Age is based on USA standards. The management is not responsible for the content placed on the site by individuals.

Anonymous names, including lines, dots etc., are not acceptable.  Pick a name before you enter. We do like to know who we are talking too. Use the squelch feature for unwanted conversations.

There will be NO drama or BS in this room. Anyone starting any drama or BS will be immediately removed.

AVs are welcome.  If you'd rather not see them, please use the disable image option. We ask AVs be a maximum height of 350-400 pixels. Over size pictures may be blocked out.

Ask before you start to post pictures in the room.

Open scenes are acceptable and encouraged. Keep in mind that open scenes are not just of a sexual nature; there are also vampires in this room. If that offends you, then perhaps this is not the room for you.

Troublemakers will be ejected.

Child porn, bestiality, water sports and scat pictures are not permitted. The I. P. address of any person found posting child porn and bestiality pictures will be reported to their ISP (internet service provider) and the proper law enforcement authorities will be notified.

Lastly, have fun and be Respectful of T/those in the room.


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