Welcome to Eternal Bloodlust!

Traveler, you have entered a realm of darkness and pleasure. If you come in peace you will find rest and relaxation. If you bring prejudices or perceived wrongs from olden days turn around and leave. Even the enmity between Vampire and Lycans will not be tolerated. Entering the realm suggests that you have read this warning and are in agreement with all tenets laid forth on this  page.

As you approach the main doors you see hell hounds guarding the entrance. They watch intently but do not move as you enter the main hall. Down a darkened corridor you come to the throne room.

As you enter the throne room a servant greets you and ushers you into the lounge where the Coven generally assembles.

Eternal Bloodlust is a Vampire-oriented room intended for all sexual orientations, and is a recently established Coven. There are no memberships for the room but those wishing to join the Coven can speak with the Mistress of the castle and she will explain the rules for joining her family.  

All are accepted but you are expected to be considerate and tolerant of others. As we accept you, we expect the same from you. Remember you are here as a guest.

Please ask before sending a PM as the person may be occupied privately. You will be asked to desist and may be subject to removal if enough complaints are voiced

Image posting is welcome, though all should be aware these may include some explicit, hard core Vamp-themed images, as well as images of a sexual nature also may appear. If seeing hard core porn images offends you, then use the ignore feature. Hard core does not mean abuse, and abuse will not be tolerated.

There is a strong BDSM current running through the realm and Dominates as well as submissives and slaves will be found throughout. If this offends or in any way gives you pause please look for one of the other themed rooms. Public sex sceneing (i.e., feedings) in the role play are allowed in this room and sexual intercourse may be involved in the act of feeding. If this offends you please feel free to choose any one of the number of themed rooms here at SinCity Chat.

Should you choose not to ignore the person(s) posting, keep your comments to yourself or you may be removed. This includes berating a person in PM. You will be reported to a mod and removed.

Some postings are larger than others, but try to keep your images to a maximum size of 700 wide and 600 high.

You must be 18 years of age or older to enter this room by USA standards.

There will be NO drama or BS in this room. Anyone starting any drama or BS will be immediately removed.

Anonymous names including lines, dots etc., are not acceptable. Pick a name before you enter.

AVs are welcomed. If you would rather not see them, please use the disable image option.

We ask AVs be a Maximum height of 350-400 pixels.  Over size pictures may be blocked out.

Child porn, bestiality, and scat pictures are not permitted.

The I. P. Address of any person found posting child porn and bestiality pictures will be reported to their ISP (internet service provider) and the proper law enforcement authorities.

All Sin City Chat site rules apply. Please here and read Sin City Chat Rules before entering this room!

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